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The Mosquito

Mosquito Collage


developed by Achim Alwarth too, who already developed the SkyKnife. Because the SkyKnife was such an success, Achim allowed me to offer these agile freestyler too. You can select the colors from the current Icarex color-sheet without extra charge. Special designs on the sail are possible too, but will be calculated on time and effort.
What are the characteristics of these kite?
The Mosquito is an pure, agile freestyler. An freestyle-machine on 4 lines. Don't expect the precision of a SkyKnife or Revolution kite, but don´t compare these kite with the smaller modell, which was sold by HQ-Invento. This kite is bigger, has more sail area an flys much smoother. FlicFlacs and Axels are very easy, also YoYos. An real fun-kite. The windrange goes from 2-4 Bft.


Wingspan:  236cm
Height:  66cm
Sail:  Icarex PC31
Framing:  Skyshark
recommended Lines:  Liros DC40  4x 25-30m
recommended Handles:  Revolution 13"
Price:  Kite only € 250,-