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The SkyKnife 2m

SkyKnife2m Coll


was developed by Achim Alwarth, who developed the Mosquito too. I adapted the original plan, slightly modifyed the sail and Achim gave me the authorisation to sell this brilliant quad-line kite. You can select the colors from the current Icarex color-sheet without extra charge. Gauze panels can be black or white. Special designs on the sail are possible too, but will be calculated on time and effort.

You can choose the Colors with our new Colorizer.

What are the characteristics of these kite?
The SkyKnife 2m is a downsized version of the "original" SkyKnife. In spite of less sail area it needs surprisingly not so strong winds to fly properly. And the "little one" maintained the very good flight characteristics of his big brother. In cause of his size, it is of course more agile and faster, and this was the intension of this project. The windrange goes from 2-6 Bft.


   SkyKnife 2m
Wingspan:  200cm
Height:  ?cm
Sail:  Icarex PC31
Framing:  Skyshark
recommended Lines:  Liros DC40  4x 25-30m
recommended Handles:  Revolution 13"
Price:  Kite only € 265,-