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The Fusion

Fusion Collage


was developed by Mathias Cornelißen (a.k.a. HeinzKetchup). He has former developed the 3.14 and the Liquid. He put all his expierience and know-how with those, and other speed-, powerkites into the Fusion.
You can select the colors from the current Chikara color-sheet without extra charge. Special designs on the sail are possible too, but will be calculated on time and effort.

The Colors can be simply chosen with our new Colorizer

What are the characteristics of this kite?
The N-Finity is a top of the edge speed-, powerkite. The overall performance of the Fusion is absolutely impressive. Even the smallest of the four offered versions could take an adult person on the edge of static friction. You can mind by yourself what the bigger versions could do. The Fusion will be offered in four different sizes. The number stands for the wingspan in centimeters. The constuction with standoffs, whiskers and a well precasted sail causes the kite to need strong and "clean" wind to start properly. But once in the air - be prepared for a hell of a ride!
Be advised, that the pilot should have some expierience with fast and powerfull kites! It is also recommented to use Powergrips only.
Mathias had a simple target by developing. The kite should be rock! Oh yea, it does!

Furter Informations in the "Fusion Fan-Thread" in the German Drachenforum.

   Fusion 140
 Fusion 170
 Fusion 190
 Fusion 210
Wingspan:  140cm  170cm  190cm  210cm
Height:  ?cm  ?cm  ?cm  ?cm
Sail:  Chikara / Mylar  Chikara / Mylar  Chikara / Mylar  Chikara / Mylar
Framing:  6mm CFK Tube  6mm / 8mm CFK Tube  6mm / 8mm CFK Tube  8mm CFK Tube
Windrange:  4-8 Bft  3-8 Bft  3-7 Bft  3-6 Bft
rec. Lines:  75-100DaN 25-30m  100-160DaN 25-35m 100-160DaN 30-40m  100-160DaN 30-50m
Price:  Kite only
  € 215,-
 Kite only
 € 235,-
 Kite only
 € 250,-
 Kite only
 € 270,-