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The N-Finity

N-Finity Collage

was developed by Bertram Nestler (a.k.a. Nixblicker). As an well known kite-enthusiast on fast and powerful kites he fulfilles with the N-Finity the high expectations completely.
You can select the colors from the current Icarex color-sheet without extra charge. Special designs on the sail are possible too, but will be calculated on time and effort.

You can choose the Colors with our new Colorizer.

What are the characteristics of this kite?
The N-Finity is an modern speed-kite. I sell those kite in different sizes. The number stands for the sail-area in square meters. The constuction with standoffs makes the kite quite easy to launch, compared to others in his class. The "smaller ones" are really fast. The 0,6 is a good compromise between speed and power. The 1.2 is able, on appropriate winds, to accelerate the pilot on its backside in an impressive time ;-)
The N-Finity can also build up in a stack.



   N-Finity 0,2
 N-Finity 0,3  N-Finity 0,4  N-Finity 0,6
Wingspan:  118cm  145cm  167cm  205cm
Height:  37cm  45cm  57cm  63cm
Sail:  Icarex PC 31  Icarex PC 31  Icarex PC 31 / Chikara  Icarex PC 31 / Chikara
Framing:  4mm CFK tube  4mm / 5mm CFK tube  6mm / Skyshark P4  6mm / Skyshark P4
Windrange:  3-8 Bft  3-8 Bft  3-8 Bft  3-8 Bft
rec. Lines:  38-55DaN 15-25m  55-70DaN 20-30m  55-80DaN 25-35m  70-100DaN 25-45m
Price:  Kite only
  € 160,-
 Kite only
 € 170,-
 Kite only
 € 195,-
 Kite only
 € 225,-


   N-Finity 0,9
 N-Finity 1,2
Wingspan:  252cm  290cm
Height:  78cm  90cm
Sail:  Icarex PC 31 / Chikara  Icarex PC 31 / Chikara
Framing:  8mm / 8mm criss-crossed CFK tube  8mm / 8mm criss-crossed CFK tube
Windrange:  2-7 Bft  2-7 Bft
rec. Lines:  70-140DaN 30-50m  100-160DaN 30-50m
Price:  Kite only
  € 250,-
 Kite only
 € 285,-