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Trinity Collage


The Trinity was developed by Maik Rumpa (a.k.a. Maich). At the 1. German-Speedkite-Contest Maik was able to demonstrate the performance of the Trinity by winning the contest in his class with a measured speed of 156 km/h.
The three smaller kites are available in two versions. The normal Trinity and Trinity Race. Differences are the reinforced trailing edge and the partly-flexible spine with pretension in the race-versions.
The Trinity is build from Bainbridge fabric. This material has an limited color range. Please ask for available colors. You can also order a Mylar version.

What are the characteristics of this kite?
The Trinity is a professional highspeedkite. The construction at self and used materials, especially the race versions, are on the edge of feasibility. To start this kite the use of a starting-ramp or an experienced assistant is recommended. Be advised, that the pilot should have some experience to adjust and fly such fast kites!
The Trinity is made for pure speed. The power raise with the wind, so you better sit down. If the bridle is adjusted properly for the current winds, the Trinity goes well in surprisingly low winds. The big UL version was flown at below 10 km/h windspeed.
If the pilot invest some time and has some skills by adjusting the bridle, he will be rewarded with a mind-blowing performance and unbelievable sound of the Trinity.

For further informations visit the Trinity Fanthread at the Drachenforum.


  Trinity 120/Race
Trinity 145/Race Trinity 175/Race Trinity 210 UL
Wingspan:  120cm  145cm  175cm  210cm
Height:  37cm  45cm  53cm  65cm
Sail:  Bainbridge/Mylar  Bainbridge/Mylar  Bainbridge/Mylar  Bainbridge
Frame: 5mm CFK/Skyshark 6mm CFK/Skyshark 6mm CFK/Skyshark 6mm CFK/Skyshark
Windrange:  4-8 Bft  4-8 Bft  3-8 Bft  2-5 Bft
recom. Lines: 40-100DaN 25-30m 60-100DaN 25-30m 80-130DaN 25-35m 40-100DaN 30-50m
Price:  Kite only
  € 200,-
 Kite only
 € 220,-
 Kite only
 € 240,-
 Kite only
 € 300,-