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Steiki and Flaki

Steiki Collage


are developed by Günter Wolsing. He is a pioneer in the kite community, up from the beginning. He is always innovative and with a great commitment. Günter is well known for his big kites and stacks which are always impress by form, colors and appearance on the sky. An extremely flat bridle causes that those big kites are not pulling to much. A slow flying beauty for connaisseurs.
The plans for all of his kites were published in two books, written by himself. For everyone who is not able to build this kites by himself, or will not do that, Günter gave me the permission to built and sell these kites. You can select the colors from the current Chikara color-sheet without extra charge. Special designs on the sail are possible too, but will be calculated on time and effort, as well as "Stückwark" and "Flickwark" versiones.
What are the characteristics of these kites?
People fly Wolsing kites only for enjoyment. Trick- ,Speed-, and Powerenthusiasts would be disappointed, even if the bigger versions, with a steeply adjusted bridle, are able to pull the pilot rapidly on his backside. But this is not the intesion. Günters objective was a kite for pilots, who want nothing else than to enjoy the majestic appearance of a Wolsing kite.

More information about Günter Wolsing and his kites, with many pictures on: and on


   Steiki Flaki
Wingspan:  150 - 350cm 400 - 1200cm
Height:  ?cm ?cm
Weight:  ?g ?g
Sail:  Chikara Chikara
Framing:  Carbonfiber 4 - 10 mm Carbonfiber 10 - 24 mm
recommended Lines:  50-120DaN 40-80 m 100-160DaN 40-80 m
Windrange:  10-30 km/h 10-30 km/h

 Kite only

 per cm Wingspan € 1,50

Kite only

on request